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Neoss announce record profitability and market expansion into the Middle East and Asia

Leading dental implant company, Neoss® is proud to announce record 2016 financial results and continued market expansion into the Middle East and Asia. Neoss has continued to show sales growth at approximately twice the estimated growth of the market.

Neoss’ strategy for expansion is clearly working, recently signing distribution agreements with seven new partners, and attaining regulatory approval in China, which saw the company enter into the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2017. Neoss has also launched its Dental Implant system in Japan and is continuing to look for more distribution partners throughout the year.

In addition, significant product launches over the past two years have added fuel to the growth, particularly the launch of the NeoGen® titanium reinforced PTFE membrane.

Look out for more updates on new Neoss markets for 2017.

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