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ProActive Edge Implant

Neoss ProActive® Edge implant is designed to ensure predictable stability in challenging clinical cases.

Webinar: Prof. Lars Sennerby - At the cutting EDGE of implant dentistry.

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“Drilling protocol is very efficient and the implant seats smoothly within the osteotomy.”

Dr. Rishi Patel, United Kingdom

“Great stability. Extremely easy to use. Very short learning curve”

Dr. Wail Girgis, United Kingdom

“Neoss is the only implant system I need and use. With the addition of Neoss ProActive Edge, the system now covers all possible requirements.”

Dr. Angus Colquhoun, New Zeeland

“The Neoss Edge is a fabulous implant in soft bone or immediate sites. Precise placement with high primary stability.”

Dr. Scott Davis, Australia


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